Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowed In

We are officially, officially snowed in. I don't think I could get the van out if I wanted to--which I don't.

We got about seven inches of snow and then about a half an inch of ice. The ice on top is so solid Viv can walk across the surface of the snow. Thankfully, we maintained power through the whole thing, although we were ready with flashlights, candles, and a fire set in the fireplace. There are thousands without power, though, and we are praying for them that it comes on quickly. We are only in the 20s and have three more inches of snow coming this afternoon. Thankfully...we live in NC and it's supposed to be 50 tomorrow.

I will say, I have been getting six million texts all morning with friendly advice about the weather from people who know Brad is in AZ until tomorrow. Y'all. This is not my first snow. We're good. Promise. I am extremely grateful for great people who worry about us, but I'm okay. If I'm totally honest, it gets a little frustrating. I'm quite certain no one would be texting Brad advice if I was the one travelling. I think it's good for both of my kids to see that mom, a girl, can handle this, too. Rant over.

Now, we have some sledding to do...

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