Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Love

Valentine's Day is not a super huge deal in our house, but we couldn't let the day go by uncelebrated, either. Friday morning, the kids woke up to hearts in their doorways:
This was Evan's:
And Issa's:
I started doing something like this last year, where we list reasons we love them or things we love about them or doing with them in their doorways on Valentine's Day morning. They love reading them, and I have seen Issa rereading them every day this week.

Saturday, Brad and I went to see The Book of Mormon, which was very fun, and Sunday we celebrated as a whole family. We used to go to Build-a-Bear, but the one close to us closed. After much family discussion, we settled on a new tradition of decorating the house and making heart shaped pizzas:
There is red crepe paper and way too many balloons all over the downstairs, but the kids had fun. I love that this is what they came up with for the new tradition--something simple and in our home. I think I'll keep them.

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