Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Moments I Live For

I love my job, but some days are so hard. Students tell you things that break your heart or you tell them things that break their hearts of they make a bonehead decision that makes you want to break your head on a wall. Sometimes I spend days staring at a computer alone with data and words on a page. These are not my favorite days. But then...there are the moments I live for.

In classes, you see students start to think like teachers. The light clicks on and they realize school may not be exactly how they remember it. Or they realize students make need more than a textbook. Those are great moments. But the real moment is when you sit in a real classroom, with real kids, and you see your student teacher become just a teacher. Students are learning and you see this young woman go from being nervous and mentally checking off boxes to loving what she's doing and just doing it. And you sit back, I sit back, and watch it all happen. And it may not be technically perfect, but it's perfection. Yesterday was one of those moments, and I will forever be grateful that these students invite me in to see them become teachers.

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