Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Force is with Them

Do you notice anything a bit different about the tank:
Yes...C3PO is now standing guard, watching the frogs and fish while Evan is away. I heard Evan giggling last night while we were getting ready for bath, and this is what he had tickled himself with--C3PO taking the night watch: "PO watch my frogs!" followed by peals of laughter. Why not?

I also need to introduce you to Itty:

Itty is that tiny snail on the edge of the filter (not the leaf on the front of the filter). Itty also has a sibling, Bitty. You may recall back in May I announced we were officially full at the inn. I was sadly mistaken. It seems Happy the Snail is female, and it seems she came to us pregnant. About two months ago we found Itty and Bitty in the tank, but I was too shocked to photograph them. Certainly, we have to be full at the inn now!

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