Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene

In case you are wondering what appropriate hurricane clean up attire is, here is what Issa considers appropriate:
Yes...Evan is in pajamas and she is wearing fleece in 90 degree weather.

The boa was a last minute addition. The fleece did come off, but I will save the rest of her adventure for tomorrow. It's too hysterical to not get its own post.

We did have some cleaning up to do. Our poor butterfly bush:

It was sad. We actually had both of our butterfly bushes blow over. The one on the far side just blew into the deck, so we didn't realize it until we were cleaning up.

Please notice the branch in the garden:

We had quite a few branches down. The kids helped haul the big ones to the curb for pick up and the little ones to a pile for the fire pit. It's almost getting cool enough for smores, and we are excited!

We also had a lot of leaves in the pool.

We removed the cover so it wouldn't take flight, and the pool didn't have any damage!

Our little pond also needed leaves and branches removed. Evan was on it:

He did more frog frightening than scooping, but he was good company.

Just call him E-diddy. I have no idea what is up with the hat.

We used the clean up as an excuse to do a little yard redecorating:

I love the new hammock nook. I think it will be a more restful place to lounge, and it opened up a really nice grassy spot for the kids to play. We also moved the deck furniture a bit. It creates a better walk way--I think. The verdict is still out on this one:

The finished pile:

We had a lot branches, but we were really lucky. We heard a lot of chainsaws going yesterday, and our neighbors lost a whole tree. We'll take a few branches any day!

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