Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Aside from the obvious fact that I need to do laundry, I can not stop laughing when I see this picture. Every once in a while, Issa does something really odd. As her mother, I often find myself trying to simultaneously decide 1) is this a battle worth fighting, 2) what exactly is she doing, 3) why is she doing it, and 4) do I really want to know.

About a week ago, this bag appeared beside my laundry hamper. When I asked Issa why, she told me that it was she and Evan's laundry hamper. When I looked inside, it was empty, and I got nervous. Where was the laundry? She looked at me like I was the crazy one and announced it was in the big hamper. You can imagine my confusion. I opened my mouth to ask another question, and then I promptly shut it. The laundry was in the hamper. I could let this one ride.

But I've been watching. Issa has developed the single strangest laundry pattern, but it seems to make her happy. She gets undressed in her room, goes and gets the bag, takes it back to her room, puts the dirty laundry in it, and then dumps the dirty laundry in the big hamper and returns the bag to this position. By my count, that's about five extra steps. She used to just stand beside the hamper, undress, and put the laundry in the hamper.

I have no idea what prompted the new system or how long it will last. All I do know is the dirty laundry lands in the hamper and I spend a portion of every evening resisting the urge to ask questions or laugh as she maneuvers through this little process.

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