Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Line Backer

Meet The Tank:
After dinner last night, Evan and I got a little one on one time while Daddy and Issa played upstairs. I was hoping for some snuggling and books. Evan was channeling a line backer. He would back up to the column, and then run at me full speed so I can scoop him up and fall over. It was a great game until I nearly got a black eye because he ran a little fast and I'm a little too slow. He is a tank. I did manage to get a great hug and a lots of great giggles in the process.

Parenting a boy is such an experience for this girly girl. Before I had my own children, I insisted that the whole boy versus girl thing was environmental. Boy was I wrong! Same parents, same home, same toys--two totally different kids. Boys really do just play a little rougher and LOUDER! His world happens at twelve million decibels. And I'm learning to embrace that. If I have to get tackled to get a hug, I'll suit up and play center. (And that is the extent of my football knowledge right there.)

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