Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Party

We are back in business! The new camera has arrived, and it is wonderful! Digital cameras have come a long way in nine years.

Issa and I had another good day yesterday. The highlight, by far, was our most unique tea party. Cheers!

Issa really wanted to have a tea party, but she didn't want a plain tea party. So, she designed her own. She knew she wanted to use her glass tea set since Evan wasn't here--no worries about breaking anything. She also knew she wanted plain water in the pot. After that, the party got a little interesting.

Yes...we had edamame as our tea savory. But gets more interesting.

The pot is filled with water, but the creamer is filled with lime juice and the sugar bowl is filled with simple syrup. Why not?

Limeade and edamame. The tea party of champions.

We did need all four place settings. You see, we were expecting Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, but for some reason they never arrived. Their loss.

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