Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week

Saturday was Dr. Seuss's birthday, which makes this Dr. Seuss week for both kids. It's a week-long celebration of reading and silliness, and the kiddos look forward to it every year.
This year, I had to carefully line up everything on the calendar because they have similar themes on different days and I just knew I would send someone to school improperly attired one day. So far, so good.
For Evan, yesterday was wear a letter on your shirt day for The ABC Book. He wouldn't let me take a picture. Today, though, the theme is Fox in Socks and he got to wear silly socks:
 Why, yes, those are his Spiderman socks from his Halloween costume.

Today, Issa's theme is I Can Read with my Eyes Shut, and she got to wear sunglasses to school:
 She chose her super cool ones:
 Nothing will top yesterday, though. It was dress as  your favorite Dr. Seuss character day. May I introduce the Cat in the Hat?
I'm a little proud of that one. We made the hat Sunday afternoon from some poster board, construction paper, and a ton of hot glue. I think she might just have been the cutest Cat in the Hat ever.

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