Thursday, March 14, 2013


Look who finally lost a top tooth last night:
To say that she was excited would be the understatement of the century (which might be a hyperbole). The whole family worked for this one. It has been so loose for so long, and last night she was complaining that it hurt to bite into a strawberry. The problem was it was really holding on by one corner. I tried to pull. Daddy tried to pull. Evan tried to pull. Daddy tried dental floss and pliers. By the time we had gotten through all of that, the tooth was at a 90 degree angle but still wouldn't come out. We were all way too excited, and she wanted it out so badly. I tried to twist it one more time, and it finally popped out. I looked around at our happy little family and knew it was one of those moments I will always remember, the night we all worked together to get Issa's tooth out.
It was dutifully prepared for the Tooth Fairy:

And the Tooth Fairy did come and leave her $1. The Tooth Fairy also somehow dropped a quarter on the stairs on the way out. We are all quite puzzled by how the Tooth Fairy managed to do that, but Issa and Evan are sure she left it for Evan since he had been so helpful. She is so kind.

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