Monday, March 25, 2013

It Finally Happened

We had a great weekend. Saturday night, Brad and I had an amazing date night. We went to dinner at a local Italian place we hadn't tried, and I had some of the best olives and lasagna of my life. Then we saw "Anything Goes," which was a fabulous show in its own right, but it gave me a chance to walk down memory lane, too. I assistant directed that show when I was student teaching, and I was shocked to remember every line and bit of choreography. It was blissful. I will admit, though, their choreography put mine to shame. I guess that's the difference between professionals and high school students.
Sunday, Evan was feeling a little punk, so we stayed in most of the day. Issa and I made the weekly trek to the grocery, which was actually very fun. She's becoming quite the little shopper. When we got home, we decorated the Easter house:
 Peeps and jelly beans helped Evan rally:
 His little eyes look so pitiful, though. This is the last picture I took:
They wanted to do this one all by themselves, and I let them. They needed a little sibling time.

As soon as we cleaned up this mess, we moved on to making an even bigger mess by making ravioli completely from scratch. The kids loved cranking the pasta, and the end result was delicious.

In short, it was a very lovely weekend with one little glitch...

I had to work again Saturday afternoon. We had a recruiting event on campus. I knew when I started the job last week and this were going to be hell. Two evenings and two Saturdays--two ballet classes missed and parts of weekends away. As I was getting ready Saturday, Issa finally cracked. Real tears and the, "I don't want you to work, Mama. Meredith is trying to keep you away from me."

Cue broken heart and mama guilt.

She has taken the brunt of the changes. It's her class I'm missing, her spring break that will now be spent in camp (which she excited about, but it's another change), her schedule that occasionally gets shifted after school. I get it. I also know she has probably forgotten the conversation by now. She's fine. I know that. My head knows that. I'm just working on convincing my heart.

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  1. Oh my, throw back to your student teaching days!! :) Makes me smile. Hope your week is starting well and that you have forgiven yourself for a busy weekend.