Friday, March 15, 2013

That's My Boy!

Spring is springing at our house. The longer hours of daylight and warmer temperatures have the kids playing outdoors more, which is wonderful. They love exploring our back yard, which is in dire need of some spring cleaning. Case in point:
We have a few down branches. We actually had two trees taken out a few weeks ago, and another tree blew over in the last storm (no damage done). The one that blew over was a surprise to everyone; our arborist thought it looked fine, and so did we.
I digress...Evan is in love with exploring and sticks. They become swords or guns or bows and arrows or light sabers. Usually, they are small. This is what appeared on my porch, though:
 Why play with a stick when you can haul up a log? His ridiculous mother would not let him bring it inside--how rude.

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