Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seuss Week Continues

Seuss Week is back on track--no covert operations necessary!
For Evan, today is hat day, for The Cat in the Hat. Here is how we started:
 He couldn't choose. His baseball hat or the Cat in the Hat hat? So he wore both. It didn't work well, so he went like this:
 He did carry the other hat just in case this one gets a little annoying. Probably a good call.

For Issa, today is Silly Sock Day for Fox in Socks. Now, when you wear mismatched socks everyday, Silly Sock Day is a challenge:
 Daddy sacrificed a pair of tube socks, and the sharpies reappeared. We couldn't stuff Daddy's socks in her shoes, so we cut off the toes and made sock you do.

I would say these qualify as silly:
Oh how I love this girl and her creativity.

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