Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend was just fabulous for all involved.
Saturday morning, Evan started Smart Start baseball:
 He colored that picture for his coach, wore his baseball pants, and took his own glove. We did make him leave the tent stakes and ball at home. I'm unreasonable like that. He loves baseball, though! He gets to "Hit the ball like kapow!" and throw and catch and run. Really, life doesn't get any better for this guy.

While the boys were at baseball, Issa and I headed to Shelby's birthday party! I made chocolate butterflies for the cupcakes:
 And, since the party was at Michael's, the kiddos made masks and little pigs:
 It takes a lot of concentration to make a pig.

Shelby made a wish:
And a great time was had by all.

Saturday night, I headed to Steph's for a girls' night in. We watched Castle, talked, spent some time in the hot tub, and drank wine. was perfect. I spent the night there, and slept the sleep of a mother who is off duty. I wasn't listening for little peeps or thuds from children falling out of bed. It was blissful.

My crew brought us breakfast Sunday morning, and then we headed to the mall. My new job required some new clothes, and I had a ball shopping with Issa! For the first time, she was really, truly helpful. She helped me pick out some really cute things, and she really does have an eye for fashion. At one point, she looked at me, held up  a shirt, and said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is too pink and too sparkly." My girl is growing up. Here's hoping shopping is always as much fun!

This is Dr. Seuss week, so brace yourself for lots of cuteness!

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