Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Science at Its Finest

This weekend launched Issa's very first science fair project. We haven't been eating as many potatoes these days, so we had some that sprouted. It became her inspiration. "Light and Dark," as Issa has named it, is an experiment about the effect of light and dark on a plant and a potato.
She bought two little plants and chose some sprouted potatoes. She placed one pair on the wine rack:

 And the other pair is in the (now empty) potato bin in the pantry:
 Issa and Daddy are measuring growth and recording the data on index cards:
 Issa is keeping up with all of the data and taking her own pictures for her board:
She is so excited to see what happens. Her hypothesis is that the plant in the pantry will die and the potato in the sun will die. She asked to get some plant books at the library to do some more research this week, and my heart sang.

As much as I love watching Issa jump in to her first experiment, I love watching Daddy help even more. He is so good, and he is helping her learn so much about the scientific method. They are keeping way more data than I would have ever thought about, and it has become so much more meaningful because of that. This man just keeps amazing me--so much.

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