Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Terrific Kid!

This morning, Daddy and I were honored to accompany Issa to school. Once again, she was nominated as a Terrific Kid--something we already knew. The character trait this month was good judgement:
 As she stood with the principal, her nomination form was read:

"Issa is a student that can be counted on to make the right choices. She is dependable, respectful, and responsible. Most importantly, she models these behaviors for the other members of our class."

I choked back tears as I choked down cafeteria coffee and a veggie-infused whole wheat donut.

We couldn't be more proud. She was proud of herself, too, and I love that she knows how important character is. I also love how the school celebrated a whole group of Terrific Kids:
As I snapped this picture, I resisted the urge to turn the camera the other way. Beside me, there was a mass of beaming parents all capturing this picture. Their smiles were even bigger than the kids' smiles, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to see so much good, so much light, in our little world.

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