Thursday, March 21, 2013


I once read sons steal a special place in a mother's heart, and this is most definitely true. There just aren't words. But I know, and nights like last night prove it just a little bit more.

Every night, I crawl into bed with Evan for prayers. Before I leave, we do, "Big hug, big kiss, 'nuggle 'nuggle," accompanied by a big hug, a big kiss, and an Eskimo kiss. I know these goodnight snuggles have an expiration date, so I try to soak them in as much as I can.

Last night, Evan asked to do it twice since I missed the night before. It didn't take much convincing. Then, his sweet little voice trilled, "Mama, I love you sooo much, and you love me sooo much. One more 'nuggle."

Yes, baby, one more 'nuggle, and one very, very full mama heart.

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