Monday, March 18, 2013

Leprechauns of All Sizes

Adhering to our firm belief in celebrating big, we sucked the marrow out of St. Patrick's Day this weekend! The kids woke us up before the birds were even singing, jumping up and down shouting, "The leprechauns came!"
Brad only glared at me a little before he started marveling at the mess those ornery little leprechauns left: 
 They streamered (yes...I am declaring that a verb today) us in our rooms! And they left us a trail down the stairs:
 Through the kitchen:
 To rainbow muffins and green honey!
 They were super fun and at least Daddy didn't have to make breakfast:
 After we had eaten the leprechauns' treasures, the kids set off to finish a scavenger hunt they started Saturday. I had to work all day (like 6 am to 5 pm), so I had left them a four leaf clover scavenger hunt:
 The original poem read:
Here is the stem,
You find the leaves,
And the Luck of the Irish will be yours St. Patty's Eve!

The result was an attempt at green velvet cupcakes:
 They tasted awesome, and if you squinted and cocked your head to the side at just the right angle they might have looked a little green inside.

Traditionally, I make Guinness stew, but since we were pushing 70 degrees, that seemed a bit insane. Thank goodness for the Google, as Evan says. We found a recipe for Irish Hand Pies instead:
Let me tell you, these little pockets of beef, potatoes, and cabbage are awesome. The asparagus was an odd pairing, but it was green and the kids were begging. How do you say no to children begging for asparagus?

You will notice there are no pictures of the children. That's because the little leprechauns were in full jig mode all day. I would call that a measure of success.

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