Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Best of Times...the Worst of Times

Last night was parent observation night at ballet, which is one of my very favorite nights. Even though I watch every week, I love being in the room and watching my girl do her thing. She still loves it. I love watching how far she has come...
I can see more turn out and more toe point. She stretches a little bit farther, and she is so very happy.
And then she does jazz...

She insists this is her true talent, and I love watching her do her thing. She's not perfect. We still turn the wrong way occasionally, but boy can this girl move. And yes...they are dancing to "Call Me Maybe."

I get to be a backstage mom again, and it was one of those "best" moments...

...which was followed by a "worst." We were standing in line to exchange tights, and I realized my hip was wet. And I mean wet--not damp. I looked in my purse, and realized I was holding a small pond that was a ticking time bomb.

As it turns out, we have used the same water bottle without fail or leak for three years...until last night. I have no idea what happened, but most of the water was in the bottom of my purse. (I was shocked by how relatively water tight that purse is, though.) By some miracle, I had actually put my cell phone in the cell phone pocket, so it was safe, but everything else was in danger.

I yelled for Crystal, and we ran to the bathroom where I started throwing the contents of my purse at her before I dumped the water in the sink. Imagine my surprise when I saw a shark tooth and a vertebrae in the sink. What can you do but laugh at that point?

Thankfully, no real damage was done to anything, and I was so grateful for a friend who doesn't ask questions and just starts catching my stuff. I think we will be finding a new water bottle plan before next week, though.

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