Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Sometimes in the day to day of motherhood, I find myself looking for the little victory. The momentarily empty laundry basket. The clean bathroom. The organized toy room. All of these things are fleeting, but the real work of motherhood is a marathon and the big victories require patience--not my strong suit. I have to celebrate the mile markers that are the not so fun bits.

This morning, this morning I had a huge, gigantic, gargantuan victory: I was the one waiting in the kiss-and-go lane. I recognize that this is so irrelevant in the grand scheme of life. But...we pulled up, a happy Issa gave me a kiss, jumped out, managed to get the door shut all the way, and I had to wait for the cars ahead of me to move. My seat belt stayed buckled, and the principal didn't start to wander our way to see if we needed help since we were holding up his line. It was blissful. I may have rocked myself out to a little "Eye of the Tiger" on the way out of the parking lot.

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