Wednesday, May 28, 2014

All is Well

All is well...I'm just meeting myself coming and going. Today marks the halfway point in my undergrad class, we are rapidly approaching the end of the school year, and Issa's recital is this weekend. Enough said. However...a list of the highlights.

1. We are still in love with our little farm! We went on Saturday, and the kids had a blast collecting eggs, playing with baby goats, and caring for the ducklings while Brad and I worked in the potato beds. They've kind of become ours. We were laughing that the farm has almost become like a date for us. The kids are off working with the animals, which leaves the two of us talking over gardens. It's really lovely. We're also getting to know the two middle school boys who join us most Saturdays. They are there because they made a few poor choices in school, but they are really good kids who are just a little dumb around the edges. They are great with our kids, and they work hard. Plus...we find them terribly amusing.

2. We spent much of the rest of the weekend working in our yard. We have declared this the year of rebuilding, which means a lot of ripping out. Brad worked on clearing the downed mess in the backyard from this winter's storm. I trimmed everything in the front. He also got me a set of cordless hedge trimmers, so I am one happy pruner.

3. Issa had her end of year pool party with the Tinys on Monday. I just love these girls, and while I'm looking forward to a less demanding dance schedule, I'm a little sad to see the season ending.

4. We had some friends over for dinner Sunday. Mr. Ryan gave Evan a ukulele for his birthday. In related news, if Evan doesn't learn the rest of the words to Clementine he will be moving in with Mr. Ryan.

5. Papers are flying in. I will be a grading fool for the next two weeks. With the course being so short I'm really trying to stay on a 24 hour turn around. In related news, my dreams all involved green ink and lots of text.

Those are the highlights. The blog posts will likely be a bit more sporadic until mid-June. Rest assured all is well. I'm just living so much life there may be less writing about it. Priorities...

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