Wednesday, May 7, 2014

He's 5!!!

Our little man is a whole hand! He has been counting down to his birthday since Christmas--because his birthday comes after Jesus's in our family. It's really quite cruel that it's a five month gap.

He woke up to 50 red and black balloons on his bedroom floor to begin his Red Power Ranger birthday. He has announced to everyone he has seen that it is his birthday. He can hardly wait for his homemade pizza and cake tonight, and Issa is about to explode with excitement for him to open her gift. It's a very big day.

Five is hitting Mama hard. He's five--a whole hand. It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital waiting and waiting and waiting for him to arrive. Now, I'm chasing a little ball of energy and helping him learn to write his numbers.

Little monster, you have brought so much adventure and laughter into our lives. Yesterday, you announced you were giving me your last four-year-old hug, but that your five-year-old hugs would be even better. It was a pretty great hug this morning, and I have a feeling five is going to be a very fun year for us. Happy birthday, sweet boy; we love you to the moon, the stars, and the sun and back.

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