Monday, May 5, 2014

Wonderfully Exhausting

I am so tired, but we had another great weekend.

Friday, we went to the Spring Fling at New Hope! Honestly, it's not my favorite event. It's essentially a DJ playing music way too loud combined with hoola hooping and neon hair paint. This year, though, I somehow managed to avoid the gym almost entirely. The kids were content to dance without me, and I stood at the door and helped with ticket sales. The highlight, Evan got his first official Voyager shirt:
It was more than he could handle. Halfway through the fling, we left to go decorate the teachers' lounge and bathrooms for Teacher Appreciation week, which starts today. Anitra had everything so organized, and the kids had a blast helping.

Saturday, Issa and I headed to the last dance competition of the year while Evan went to the museum with Miss Erin and had way too much fun at their Robot Rumble. The competition went so well! It's amazing to see the growth in the dances since the beginning of the season! In fact, hip hop won best dance for 8 and under and was invited to Nationals! Jazz and tap won first and second overall, and Issa got to accept the Jazz first, which meant she got to say her name and studio. Bless her heart. She was so nervous, and stumbled over the last half of the studio name, but she was loud and clear on the first part. I knew she was mortified, but thankfully a senior from another company said the wrong name, so Issa felt so much better! We also had a big break in the schedule so we were able to actually go out to dinner with some other dancers. It was lovely.

Sunday, we headed out for our second adventure Sunday. This time, we just headed to Gold Park for a picnic and some easy hiking. I swear Evan was no where close to falling into the river:
I do love that this little park is less than 15 minutes from our house:
It was a gorgeous day, and the kids loved watching tadpoles and butterflies and just being by the river:

Did I mention it was just gorgeous:
When we got home and washed the river and mud off, we made all of the teacher appreciation gifts. Both kids wanted to do office supplies for their teachers, so we turned to Pinterest for some creative ideas. Issa did hers almost completely on her own:
She chose to do highlighters:
I just helped with the tags.

Evan needed a lot more help with his rubber band balls:
His little hands just weren't quite able to twist the bands into place. He did hand them to me and decide when they were finished:
Tonight, we head to the library and then have our little Cinco de Mayo fiesta. I'm just hoping I don't fall asleep in my nachos.

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