Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's May

May is a mean trick. It holds so many fabulous things: the return of weather than actually makes me want to be outside, Evan's birthday, dance recitals, the end of the semester. But here's the mean trick: all that stuff means a ridiculous amount of crazy for me.

I totally know I bring part of it on myself. I probably didn't need to paint 200 foot clan rocks for Evan's party. Teacher gifts probably don't need to be handmade, and I probably need to stop saying, "Sure, I can do that." But I like doing those things. I just wish they could be spread out over three months instead of all crammed into May.

I stayed up way too late last night finishing helper gifts for dance. I was happy to do them for the Tinys, but it meant I was a bit sleepy this morning. So when Issa announced I was making her eat bugs for breakfast I might have really had to work to not lose it. As it turns out, some strawberry seeds had fallen into her plate and were moving because she had her face an inch away from them and her breath was blowing them around. Mystery solved. Eat your breakfast.

On the way to school, we had a little chat about the fact that perhaps she was prone to overreaction. She admitted that it might be possible, and she also admitted she was a little thrown off by all the weird schedules lately. I get that. When we were running through the list of weirdness, though, there was nothing she wanted to skip. She wants to go to the optional ballet class tonight. We certainly can't skip Evan's birthday, and she loves making crafts with me.

This is when parenting is just hard. When is too much good too much? I've given up on balance a long time ago, but I'm just hoping for a little normalcy in the near future. Daddy gets home tonight after a week away at two conferences, so I'm certain that will help. Outside of that, I think I just have to resign myself to shaking my fist at May and remembering June is right around the corner.

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