Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Bliss

I had an absolutely perfect Mother's Day, one in which I showered only to put on clean pajamas and snuggled my babies all day. My people know me well, and they know that we have been running like lunatics, so they gave me a day of nothing. We watched movies, Brad made all my favorite foods, and I felt thoroughly spoiled. I love that they know it stresses me out to be part of the masses celebrating in restaurants, so they let me have my very quiet day.  They also spoiled me with all manner of gifts that made me laugh at various levels.

Evan gave me the obligatory half-dead plant:
 This one might actually only be a quarter dead, so there is hope.

Issa chose this necklace:
 She said she chose this one because it was already stoned and I had done so much stoning for her this year--so thoughtful.

Evan chose this necklace:
 His reason: it says "mom" and I'm his mom, it's pretty like me, and he just liked the butterfly. Like you do.

They also brought me these flowers:
 What follows are my favorites though. Evan's card:
 The inside says, "Happy birthday to an awesome boy." He chose it because I did an awesome job on his Power Rangers cake.

Issa painted me van Gogh's sunflowers:
 And she wrote me this poem:
 I love that I am both mellow and eager.

This also amused me greatly:
Too cute. It will be kept forever.

See...a perfectly entertaining mother's day.

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