Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Library Love

Now that Evan is five, Tuesdays have become a very exciting day at our house. On Tuesdays, our library does a Kids Explore program for children ages 5-8, which means from 3:30-4:30 the kids get to explore a different topic each week. Last week, they learned about the water cycle and made bead bracelets depicting their journey as a water droplet. Yesterday, they learned about Andy Warhol and created these masterpieces:
They love the programming, and they are already trying to guess what next week might hold.

Tuesdays have also made me fall a little more in love with the library. Not only do my kids love going, but I have to stay in the library in case I'm needed but am not allowed in the programming room. That means for one blissful, guilt-free hour I sit in a cozy chair in the library and read my just for fun book. Alone. Without interruption. Before I'm getting sleepy. Surrounded by other mamas who are doing the exact same thing and understand that this is sacred quiet time.

Our librarians and angels on earth--end of story.

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