Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mom of the Year Moment

I can write about this now because now it is funny...

Tuesday night, around three am when I was dead to the world asleep, this happened.

Evan: "Mama, my nose is drippy."
Me: "So get a kleenex and go back to bed."

Five minutes later...
E: "Mama, it's still drippy and I can't sleep."
M: "Ev, are you really telling me a little snot is keeping you awake?"
E: "'s not snot it's blood."

That got me all the way awake pretty quickly. I turned on the light to see what looked like a crime scene. Poor Evan, who thankfully only sleeps in pants, had blood smeared all over his little chest and face. There were bloody drops down the hallway, and the bathroom had bloody little hand prints from where he had kept reaching for tissues. The astounding thing was that he was totally cool. As I'm simultaneously pinching his nose with one hand and wiping him down with the other, he's giggling. Weirdo. After about twenty minutes, two rags, and an icepack, we got the bleeding stopped and him settled back into a little nest on his floor. As I was tucking him back in, I did suggest that he lead with, "Mom, I'm bleeding," next time, which made him belly laugh.

I am so grateful for such an easy going little guy. Yesterday morning I put everything in his bed in the wash, and when I got home he and the babysitter had moved it to the dryer, so he was able to sleep in his own little bed...and thankfully we all slept all night.

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