Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sunday Adventure

We are finally coming to the end of the weekend wrap-up.

The weather was nearly perfect this weekend, and we decided we needed to take advantage of that. Our original plan was to go to a local park, but while we were at lunch Saturday we decided the zoo was a better option. So...Sunday morning we packed a picnic and left for the zoo right from church.

As always, the first stop had to be the stone hippos:
I love that picture of my boys.

Issa loves the little guy:
We decided to head into Africa, and the elephants did not disappoint:
Issa was our navigator:
Of course, we had to stop to fly the helicopter to spot the elephant herds:
Our little ostrich hatchlings:

The special exhibit this year is "Bugs," and the huge critters did not disappoint:

Check out this mantis:
Evan found the ants hysterical:
And both kids loved pretending they were dung beetles with the giant rubber balls:

It was a really cool exhibit, although I spent a good deal of time explaining that not all of the insects were bugs and not all of the critters were even insects. I did get major points for knowing the sex and scientific name of the giant dragonfly. I guess those four years of entomology in college come in handy in odd situations.

We stopped at the carousel on the way to North America:

And the highlight of the day was meeting the new polar bear:
I think the kids would have stayed all day if we would have let them:
We also explored the new Kids' Zone, which include lots of places to climb and explore. Our own Spiderman:
The trip really was perfect. It's so nice that the kids are big enough to walk the whole trip and not get too tired. It's also fabulous that the zoo is just over an hour away, so we can go often.

After this little adventure, we decided that Sundays will be adventure days. We may not always go as far as the zoo, but we plan to go out and do something fun as a family every Sunday. I could get used to this...

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