Monday, March 7, 2011


I was feeling a little smug this morning. I looked at my laundry baskets and realized I didn't have a single load to do. I had unpacked the suitcase and washed and dried the laundry last night. I was just that good.

Then, I opened the laundry room door and saw this. Ug. Everything was washed and dried, but I had left a load on top of the dryer when we left...and one in the dryer that moved to the top of the dryer last night...and the one from last night is still in the dryer. Ug. I have a lot folding and ironing to do this morning.

Someday, I will probably be a little sad when I can go a couple of days without a load of laundry because it's just Brad and I. The kids will come home and I will insist on sending them home with clean clothes--just like Mom does for me when we go back home (which I am beyond grateful for because it saves me from scenes like this one). Today, though, I am sad because I have so much folding to do...and there will be more tomorrow...and if I don't do it the laundry monster will come and swallow my laundry room. Then again, I might just close the door until this afternoon.

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