Thursday, March 17, 2011


Welcome to the shoe pile. This is one of those little things that is making me crazy this morning, but I'm sure I will miss it when it disappears. (I'm also incredibly grateful that we all have shoes!)

We are a no shoe family. As soon as we walk in, the shoes land in this pile by the front door. I would love to say it's because we don't want to track germs or dirt through the house, but I think the truth is we all just like being barefoot. To be honest, when the kids take their shoes off the dirt gets worse because they track the mulch and sand that was in their shoes all over the house.

I'm thrilled that the shoes are in one place; it saves lots of trouble in the mornings. However, this pile sometimes gets a little out of control--especially as the seasons are changing. It's usually about this point that I trip over a shoe as I walk past and curse the shoe pile. I will inevitably put them all away today...and then there will be a great shoe search...and then the pile will return.

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