Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not That Good...

So...yesterday's post was titled I'm Good. I'm not that good.

This lovely lady did the cooking last night. I broke my own rule and did five straight hours of field work yesterday. I learned so much, but my brain was a spinning pile of mush by the end of it. I was also absolutely exhausted. Between observing and then doing a little teaching in a fifth and then a second grade classroom, I was just toast by the end of the day.

My wonderful husband called on the way home, and I must have sounded like my brain was mush. He asked if I had started dinner, and I blathered something about getting started, and he offered to pick up Wendy's. I nearly burst into tears. It was wonderful.

It's funny how delicate the balance between work and home is. I can have a fabulous day one place, but fabulous days both places are rare (and celebrated!). Something always have to give, and last night it was dinner. I always feel guilty when I don't cook, but that burger was a lifesaver last night.

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